Filled with lush forests, teeming with wildlife and the heart of the people all makes for a special Rwanda Safari. Explore nature reserves in one of the most pristine countries in the world, while we make you feel at home and relaxed on your Rwanda Trips. Enjoy the major sites of the country and explore the sleeping volcanoes, trek the forest for primates and explore Kigali, prime apes, dense forest,thousands hills, plantations, and beautiful lakeside scenery. Experience gorilla trekking, bird watching, spot golden monkeys



Days: 5 Tour type: Private

Enjoy 5 days in Rwanda and visit Twin Lakes, Ibyi Iwacu Cultural Village and more. Explore the blue waters and watch the Golden Monkey. Check the itinerary now!

Days: 3 Tour type: Private

Enjoy 3 Days Rwanda Tour, with exciting trips into the forest and game drives that are sure to excite you. Soak in the amazing natural scenery, orchestral sounds,

Days: 4 Tour type: Private

With only a few days to spare, this budget friendly Safari in Rwanda takes you to the major sites of the country. Explore the sleeping volcanoes, trek the forest for primat

Days: 5 Tour type: Private

Do prime apes, dense forest, plantations, and beautiful lakeside scenery fascinate you? Tour of Rwanda is exactly what you need. With five amazing days exploring the Volcan