Saqqara Or Sakkara is a desolate desert located west of the Nile 9 miles (14 km) south of Cairo, saqqara complex containd pyramid of djoser, Pharaohs buildings, columns and shrines, Mastaba of Mereruka, Pyramid texts of Unas, The purpose off saqqara complex is to facilitate a successful afterlife for the king so that he could be eternally reborn.

Step Pyramid or (pyramid of djoser) consecrated to king djoser, built by architect Imhotep, during third dynasty in Sakkara which was the cemetery for Memphis, Djoser’s complex is the first stone building in Egypt whose architect is known with the name of Imhotep, The entrance to Sakkara has a large scale stone wall surrounds the complex.

Enclosure wall of Djoser complex is consists of light Tura limestone 10.5m height, contains distinctive paneled construction known as the palace façade,
Imhotep decided to build an enormous mastaba of stone, then built another mastaba on top of the first, then another on top of the second, he continued this process until he had enlarged the structure into the world’s first pyramid. It is called now “step pyramid,” consisting of six terraces.

Imhotep designed four symbolic buildings in Djoser’s complex in Saqqara, they are the Pavilion of the North, the Pavilion of the South, the South Tomb, and the Jubilee Festival Courtyard, believes that these four symbolic buildings were for the use of king’s ka, or for the spirit afterlife.

On the northern side is the original entrance of the Pyramid. And you will notice a little room that is built with a gradient angle, similar to the Pyramid itself. There was found a beautiful statue of King Zoser made of limestone, it was moved to the Egyptian museum in Cairo and replaced by a replica.

Inside the complex of sakkara there is a courtyard called the celebration of the (Hep-Sed) court, it is also called (Sed Festival) in Saqqara, celebrated by the king after 30 years of rule to rejuvenate the king and represented to strengthen the ruler’s power.

On the southern side, you will see the ruined Pyramid of King Unas, Pyramid of Unas (Unis, Oenas or Wenis) also called Pyramid texts, which dates back to the end of the 5th Dynasty. It was the first Pyramid that had inscriptions decorating the walls of the burial chamber, Inside the Pyramid he placed an undecorated black basalt sarcophagus and built the walls of his burial chamber of fine colored alabaster.

Mastaba of Mereruka

it is similar to a palace, has 32 rooms in total, 21 rooms for Mereruka, 6 for his wife Watet-Khet-Hor. Mereruka served during the sixth dynasty of Egypt as one of Egypt’s most powerful officials at a time state noblemen was increasing in wealth and power.

The Pyramid of Teti is a smooth-sided pyramid situated in the pyramid field at Saqqara in Egypt. It is historically the second known pyramid containing pyramid texts, it is now resembles a small hill, and Below the ground the chambers and corridors are very well preserved.


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