Explore the highlights of Egypt and Jordan tours.

Looking for Tours of Jordan and Egypt tours? Enjoy our Egypt and Petra Tours to Discover the incredible history of the Middle East. Explore the extraordinary history and wonders of the Egypt such as: Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Sakkara Pyramids, valley temple of Khafre, Ancient City of Memphis.

Head south to visit the most famous landmarks of Luxor and Aswan such as: Karnak, Luxor, Hatshepsut, Valley of the kings, Clossoi memnon, Philae, Horus, Kom ombo temples, the high dam, unfinished Obelisk and Nubian Village or tour jordan to explore its amazing Roman monuments such as:  

the legendary ‘rose-red’ city of Petra carved into the stone of the Jordan desert, Float in the Dead Sea salty water Dead Sea, Jerash where situated in the foothills of the mountain of Gilead, Mount Nebo the place where Prophet Moses gazed at the promised land and Madaba where you see the famous 4th-century Byzantine mosaic map of Israel inside the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George.


Days: 10 Tour type: Private

Experience a marvelous 9-night Jordan Egypt Travel Package discovering Egypt, enjoying 5-star accommodation with a panoramic view of the river Nile through Luxor and Aswan

Days: 15 Tour type: Private

Delight in Petra Egypt Tour and Enjoy the beauty of Egypt and Jordan in extraordinary tours takes you back through history, Starting from Cairo with the variety of it's

Days: 12 Tour type: Private

Are you looking for Tours of Jordan and Egypt? Explore this Fascinating Journey through a combined Jordan and Egypt tour Package to get in the mystery of Jordan and ancient

Days: 14 Tour type: Private

Enjoy this tour to Egypt and Jordan including Cairo Petra Jerusalem Tour. Starting with the glory of the ancient Egyptian Monuments and the Great Pyramids of Cheops, Chefre

Days: 8 Tour type: Private

This Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages will make you speechless after visiting the ancient city of Petra and Cairo witness the beauty of middle east. See the amazing Roman mon